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I started the Websculptor with the dedicated to serve ethos in 2016. I enjoy working one to one with clients getting to know their business in order to provide them with their best online representation.

As a designer, I have always taken great pride in my work paying close attention to detail and this reflects in my drive to create cutting edge responsive websites that stay up to date with modern design trends. All of my designs adhere to a strict - Clean and concise method, allowing content to be displayed effectively while being pleasing to the eye. Design technology is advancing more and more and its now much easier to create visually appealing websites that are functional and work well with search engines.

Sitting in my first ever interview I felt nervous to say the least. I was 18 and my first real job was in a gallery in Hamilton who had their own website built and maintained in house. I always had a creative background and loved art for as long as i can remember - doing well in the subject throughout school, so a gallery seemed a good place for me to start my first job. My boss at the time (who is now a very dear friend) gave me a job opportunity and thus started my interest in digital design and website development. I learned how to use photoshop and then began to dabble in website design using dreamweaver and I loved it! I dedicated the majority of my time at work and in my spare time at home learning all about search engine optimization, Cascading style sheets, databases and Content management systems - My passion for art and design became my job! I now have almost 10 years experience in website development and happily look forward to the decade ahead!

Finding something I could do as a job while being creative was always a desire I had. For me website design and development fit the criteria perfectly, when You enjoy doing something it certainly doesn't feel like work!

When I started in 2009 I was comfortable using photoshop, I soon started drawing and painting digital art using a graphics tablet and became more and more comfortable with digital media. I soon learned some basic photograph manipulation and then started to learn how to restore photographs, offering restoration as a service along with general graphic design like shop window posters and business card designs while working in Hamilton.



I always use the most modern technology available when designing and developing websites. Adobe products are by far the leading industry standard developer and design software programmes.


  • Photoshop - Web Graphics
  • Indesign - Commercial Graphic Design
  • Muse - Responsive Website Design Software
  • Dreamweaver - html Code editing Software


are my programmes of choice allowing me complete control over cosmetic design features, css and html coding


The Calvay Centre,
16 Calvay Road, Barlanark,


G33 4RE

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